“Connection is essential, and loneliness is lethal.”

If we needed more evidence for this, just look at the almost 1 year that we’ve been practicing social distancing, and the impact it has had on so many of us, especially if anxiety or depression are a part of your experience.

And, as I work with my clients, I…

I’d like to explore a word that is commonly used, but at least in the West, not fully understood: Dharma.

And I do not profess to fully understand it either, though I do enjoy exploring as many facets of the concept of Dharma as I am currently able to, and…

Sunday Morning Contemplations on Yoga’s Role in The Western Landscape:
— — — — — — — -

In the collaborative book “Yoga and Science In Pain Care,” Matthew Taylor, Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT, PhD), states, “This need for patience is no more evident than when what is old brings forward…

This year, the summer of 2020, I am not celebrating the 4th of July… Independence Day.

I mean, can we really celebrate “Independence” when we have not yet understood how Interdependent we really are?

There are SO many reasons.

I don’t feel very celebratory. I mean, our country is divided…

To play on a pop-culture phrase, “There’s an App for that!” Well, yea. Yoga has been around for millennia… and I mean, thousands of years. So of course, Yoga has a App for that!

So now to the purpose of this newsletter:
It’s all over the news. The Coronavirus, or COVID…

Embodied Living with Kristen Boyle

Kristen Boyle is a Yoga Therapist and master yoga teacher, working with students, teachers and clients, all over the world. https://www.embodiedliving.academy

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