Asking for help: easy? or hard?

If you answered hard, tell me more!

The predominant culture in North America, and what I’d say is most of what we consider the “West” is based on the individual, rather than the collective.

The trauma response to this is: Extreme Independence.

Yes — the trauma response.

Many (most?) of us are raised with the belief that we not only CAN, but we HAVE TO do it all alone. And, if we are unable to do it all alone, there must be something lacking — or wrong — with us.

I’d like to counter…

“Connection is essential, and loneliness is lethal.”

If we needed more evidence for this, just look at the almost 1 year that we’ve been practicing social distancing, and the impact it has had on so many of us, especially if anxiety or depression are a part of your experience.

And, as I work with my clients, I am noticing a theme — that everyone of us is working with relationship, whether IN a relationship, or wanting to FIND and establish a relationship that is healthy and supportive.

The other theme I often see when we’ve been hurt, is a complete rejection of relationship because it hurts, or…

You’ve heard the stats… 50% of marriages end in divorce. Actually, in 2020, we hit an all-time low, with *only* 39%. But was that the result of a global pandemic?

However you got here, let’s face it, even the most collaborative divorce is traumatic. And truth be told, most divorces are NOT collabortive.

And then, what got you there was traumatic.

The most commonly reported major contributors to divorce were:

  • Lack of commitment,
  • Infidelity,
  • Conflict or arguing.

And, the most common “final straw” reasons were infidelity, domestic violence, and substance use.

Each of these is traumatic.

Beside the fact that…

We are sensory beings, and as such, we experience the world through our senses. Pain, disease, and dis-ease, do not occur in isolation. Indeed, they happen on every layer through which we experience the world. As a Yoga Therapist, I work with all of these layers, through the concepts of the pancamaya kosha model.

A break-down of the Sanskrit words:
panca — five
— illusion
kosha — layer

Briefly stated, pancamaya kosha means the five illusory layers that cover up the self, the “Self of the self,” or as termed in Vedantic philosophy, the Atman.

These layers are illusory…

I’d like to explore a word that is commonly used, but at least in the West, not fully understood: Dharma.

And I do not profess to fully understand it either, though I do enjoy exploring as many facets of the concept of Dharma as I am currently able to, and I am happy to share these with you.

There is no one word translation for this expansive concept denoted by the word Dharma.

If you google a definition, you will find that Dharma is:

  • (in Indian religion) the eternal and inherent nature of reality, regarded in Hinduism as a cosmic…

Sunday Morning Contemplations on Yoga’s Role in The Western Landscape:
— — — — — — — -

In the collaborative book “Yoga and Science In Pain Care,” Matthew Taylor, Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT, PhD), states, “This need for patience is no more evident than when what is old brings forward the new and the new imagines it is new only to discover it is describing the old.”

Indeed, there are many advances in research and Yoga and how Yoga can be applied and is beneficial in pain care management.

[Incidentally, “management” of pain care is a mechanized term, a belief…

This year, the summer of 2020, I am not celebrating the 4th of July… Independence Day.

I mean, can we really celebrate “Independence” when we have not yet understood how Interdependent we really are?

There are SO many reasons.

I don’t feel very celebratory. I mean, our country is divided, Black Lives Matter and have always mattered and we are STILL arguing about this (no, not Blue Lives, or even All Lives! If you are arguing that, you’ve missed the point!). And we haven’t even touched the surface of Native Americans, whose land we took for our own independence. …

Do you invite your body into your process as you decide where to look for information, what conversations to engage in, or what information to share?

There is a lot of fear right now. Fear comes from basic survival instinct, when survival feels threatened.

Real or perceived threat doesn’t matter.

Perceived threat will always override reality when there is a lack of body connection and awareness.

When you connect with your body, you begin to learn what “fear” feels like on a visceral level. When you know what “fear” feels like in your body then, you can notice if that…

Today I saw an announcement that Kripalu will close its’ doors until 2021.
YogaWorks has closed its NY studio.

It is the end of an era.
The landscape of yoga is changing.

I honestly see it as a much needed change. Perhaps long overdue. A rebalancing of sorts. An opportunity.

Fact: A yoga teacher cannot earn a viable living from teaching in studios. Many do “OK” for a number of reasons:

  • They are young and energetic.
  • They do not know how to make a profession out of teaching yoga.
  • They enjoy the privilege of not having to be the bread…

To play on a pop-culture phrase, “There’s an App for that!” Well, yea. Yoga has been around for millennia… and I mean, thousands of years. So of course, Yoga has a App for that!

So now to the purpose of this newsletter:
It’s all over the news. The Coronavirus, or COVID 19. Have you been following it?

Stay Calm. Carry On. Practice Yoga.

And I want to be clear. COVID 19 is not like the Ebola virus, which is life-threatening to anyone who contracts it. From what I have read and heard, COVID 19 seems to be more like the…

Embodied Living with Kristen Boyle

Kristen Boyle is a Yoga Therapist and master yoga teacher, working with students, teachers and clients, all over the world.

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