Fear to Focus: Yoga and Movement Therapy for The Pandemic Experience

Do you invite your body into your process as you decide where to look for information, what conversations to engage in, or what information to share?

There is a lot of fear right now. Fear comes from basic survival instinct, when survival feels threatened.

Real or perceived threat doesn’t matter.

Perceived threat will always override reality when there is a lack of body connection and awareness.

When you connect with your body, you begin to learn what “fear” feels like on a visceral level. When you know what “fear” feels like in your body then, you can notice if that sensation is there or not when discerning whether or not to listen to the news, or what source, or whether now is the best time to speak to another person.

Because bottom line, fear begets fear.

Our nervous systems co-regulate. If I am in contact with someone who is afraid, my system will begin to feel afraid.

And a dysregulated system more easily runs toward reactivity, panic, or collapse.

Even excitement, which can be fun, or, well, exciting, at extreme, turns into fear, which then heightens into panic.

Look around. There is plenty of fear. I feel fear. Do you?

Fear unchecked runs amok.

So I work with this fear by checking in with my own breath and body before turning on the news, or reading a post, or even getting involved in a conversation — on the phone, zoom, or social media.

Look around. Do you see the challenge, and defensive responses? “Well, if you can’t see it then you must be in denial.” (challenge) Or, “Whatever, it’s just a virus.” (defense)

Ah… yes… that’s sympathetic arousal. That’s fear speaking.

By checking in with your your body, you can notice when fear is speaking up. And, you can choose to respond, or not to respond. You can make choices for yourself (not for the other) that don’t feed the fear, or that feeling of rattling inside.

By making such choices, you do your part to not add to the panic that is already right there, on the brink.

This is what I can show you how to do in my Yoga Therapy practice. And I guarantee it will help.

Do you want to learn how? When you learn to invite your body into the process, you will begin to Live. Life. Better. More, you learn to THRIVE.

— — — — —

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