You CAN Heal in Relationship

“Connection is essential, and loneliness is lethal.”

If we needed more evidence for this, just look at the almost 1 year that we’ve been practicing social distancing, and the impact it has had on so many of us, especially if anxiety or depression are a part of your experience.

And, as I work with my clients, I am noticing a theme — that everyone of us is working with relationship, whether IN a relationship, or wanting to FIND and establish a relationship that is healthy and supportive.

The other theme I often see when we’ve been hurt, is a complete rejection of relationship because it hurts, or “It’s a pain in the ass,” and so instead, you develop extreme independence. (Which is in itself a trauma response).

I am called more and more to focus on THIS part of being human. The relational part. And helping my clients with the part of being human that got hurt somewhere along the way, that still wants, needs, and desires connection.

So often we have it all together: Work is working, home is homing, and kids are kidding… lol, but you get my point!

But that essential relational piece is missing.

“Connection is essential, and loneliness is lethal.”

And it is TRUE.

In my work, especially with womxn and single moms, a common theme is, when we’ve been hurt IN relationship to another (often through divorce, breakup, loss, or trauma) we begin to build up our fortress wall of protection.


When we’ve been hurt, we hold ourselves back from truly connecting.

Some of my clients who are IN relationship are either finding a person/partner who is unavailable , emotionally, or physically, because YOU are not actually fully available.

Or, some have found that someone who presents all that they desire, and yet they remain afraid of step into feeling it all, so that someone cannot step forward.

And YOU are worthy of THAT sort of relationship!


This is the power of discernment. Discernment is a key component of the feminine nurturer, enabling you to know your own #feminineROAR that gives you the strength to be fully alive, fully engaged.

If you are wondering if I can help YOU, if anything I have said resonates with you, let’s set up a time to connect.

A Breakthrough Call is FREE, and the first step to breaking through.

And, if you are a Single Mama, I have a community for you:

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You are invited to engage in free workshops, paid programs, and 1:1 coaching to support you in your own journey self-discovery.

FREE Masterclass: How You CAN Redefine Romance + Consciously Connect

All of my work is rooted in yoga philosophy and how this way of being is able to support the discovery of the SELF, the true and authentic self, beyond the ego-identity.

I apply the tools I have gained through my own journey and study of Yoga:

  • Breath
  • Meditation
  • Movement

In a Somatic process of Embodied Mindfulness, we access the psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.

This is where Talk Therapy is limited.

Healing the trauma that built the fortress must involve the body. We know this, your body knows.

The fortress can come down as you learn how Living Embodied allows you to live and engage more fully, with more awareness, of all parts of you, especially the parts that you have forgotten along your journey of relationship.

I do this work because I LOVE YOU, and I love you because I love myself.

Check out my FREE Masterclass: How You CAN Redefine Romance + Create Conscious Connection!



Embodied Living with Kristen Boyle

Kristen Boyle is a Yoga Therapist and master yoga teacher, working with students, teachers and clients, all over the world.